For the love of lavender...

The soothing fragrance and healing characteristics of lavender have been recognised for centuries. Today, we’re super excited to be able to share the products created from our small plot of Pacific Blue lavender in the Reikorangi Valley on the Kāpiti Coast.

Our Big News...

Coe & Co won a silver award in the recent NZ Supreme lavender oil awards!!

100% Pure Lavender

Our lavender is grown in our home based plantation right here in Reikorangi, Kāpiti Coast.

Our lavender spray is distilled water infused with lavender oil and comes straight from the still. It is made by driving steam through just-harvested Pacific Blue lavender. 

It has a light fragrance and although commonly used as a room or linen spray, it has many more benefits.

The humble miraculous Lavender

Our lavender spray is antibacterial so can be used on cuts and abrasions, as a sleep aid, a facial toner, a bug deterrent and it comes recommended as a gentle and natural surface cleaner which can be used on stainless steel and windows.

This is us!

Hello from us – Nichola, Duncan, William and Ben. I am the ‘Coe’. Duncan, William and Ben are the ‘Co’.

Duncan and I were born and grew up in the UK but met when we were both in Paihia in the Bay of Islands working at a backpackers. Fast forward twenty years and via careers in teaching and clinical psychology we have become serendipitous lavender farmers! We are based in Reikorangi, a slice of heaven outside of Waikanae and in summer Duncan and I can be found weeding the plantation while the boys run around unhelpfully. Give us a toot on the way past!

“I love the lavender spray! It’s a delicate fragrance with a hint of honey. I use it on everything… I spray it on my clothes to keep them fresh, I use it on my pillow to help with a good night’s sleep and I sometimes use a little on my face as an antibacterial toner to help with spots…”

Claire from Wellington

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